About Us - Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

I take this opportunity to express my profound greetings to all Parents and assure them of our positive support and efforts in moulding their children, as responsible and progressive members of the society, capable of not only earning for themselves but give back to the society through selfless acts of service. It was such thoughts which created your dearest “Army Goodwill School, Wayne”, to provide your child quality education at affordable cost with all educational facilities, (i.e., Computer lab, Science lab, Mathematics lab, Library, transport, Electricity, etc). Remember, it is people with ideas, dreams and vision that create what you have. Let’s all together salute the Community elders and Army in particular which laid the foundations of the school on 29 APRIL 2005.

With us, every student receives individual attention and the maximum comforts possible. It is our sincere endeavor to make education a meaningful and enjoyable experience for children. Although we value academic success highly, we appreciate that other qualities are equally important to lead to success later in life. 

By creating a positive atmosphere and a wide range of educational experiences, we provide opportunities for our pupils to achieve excellence in intellectual, practical, cultural and sporting pursuits.

The aim of the school has always been to develop the best that is latent in the children and to prepare them for the challenges of a changing world through emphasis on self-discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness.